Friday, December 5, 2008

A scrapper's daughter

On Tuesday we did a road trip to Cowell to "Stitch n Bits", the quilt, gift ware and now scrapbooking shop.

Elsie and Rohan were "pretending to play shops" (their words!!) ... they were piling tubes of Kaiser paints onto the paper racks, as you do. I saw them and said put them back in the basket please. Hannah mustn't have heard me clearly ... she must have thought I said take the lid off and make a big mess ... cause that is what she did!!!

Think ... one little girl, one tube of hot pink paint with the lid off and one good shirt and jeans drizzled with paint and then a drip on the carpet and the lets go for a little walk!! Oh my goodness ... what a mess!

After I got cross I laughed and took a photo of her semi-cleaned up!

Unfortunately I think the shirt is ruined ... I have soaked it in Napisan, tried a Shannon Lush "Spotless" trick of Metho and soaked it again. Not sure what else to try ... one friend suggested Eucalyptus ... haven't tried that yet. Might throw it in the wash and see what happens.

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