Tuesday, October 20, 2009

At our house today ...

we have one very excited little boy!!

Rohan has his first transition visit to school this morning!!

He was so excited he put his uniform on and then said "Oh I forgot my jocks!!".

Now we nearly have 3 school boys!!

As you can see ... it is very hard to get a nice, sensible photo of 3 boys together at our house!!

Oh and Miss Priss is still asleep!! Missed all the action!

She has been very busy telling us lately that "I'm a girl"!!

Doesn't seem to matter what the situation is she comes out with this!! If we say "our baby girl" she very indignantly tells us "I'm a girl"!!


Christine said...

What a sweetie, I hope he had a fun day!

Cassandra said...

How cute. Yes can relate to the forgetting jocks thing Aaron actually went to school without them on a few occasions. But once teacher called said sorry I sent him home with none on after swimming lesson but he insisted pair i had wasnt his LOL, had to ring teacher back after talk with him he confessed to not wearing any.