Friday, October 30, 2009

Oh my goodness ...

we have a new printer that also ...




Well I have just scanned a layout but I don't know how to stitch it yet!!

And the fax part isn't quite hooked up!!

But hey it is a start and I love the photo I printed on it!!

Oh it's a Canon Pixma MX860!!


amanda hall said...


if you look on the disk that came with your canon camera (i think the SLRs have the disk as well as the point and shoots) there is the program - photostitch.

VERY easy - in one click type of stitching!

Just ensure you have enough overlap of each half of the scan so it can find enough bits to stitch.

If you don't have the disk i have about 5 floating around here from various canon things....actually it might come on your printer disk also!

This is a MUCH easier way than buggering around on photoshop!

Fran Tynan said...

omg - SNAP!Well nearly anyway. Have been sick of my printer and decided I'd like one that scans so have been googling reviews for the past 2 days and just bought a Canon MP630 - but spent lots of time looking at the one you bought too!LOL.