Friday, October 2, 2009

It's my birthday today ...

Yes I am ...



I can't believe it!!!!!

I went to work this morning, staring at 8.30am and I worked until 1.30pm - a little longer than I thought I would.

Then I got home at about 2pm ... my beautiful children and husband were there to greet me.

I walked into our house and I knew my lovely sister in law was there and so I presumed that the wine and cheese on the table were her ideas!!

But I heard a faint giggle in the hall way ... oh my goodness there were a lot of females in my hallway!!

I had a very big surprise!!

We had a lovely lunch of seafood, nibbles, paninis with chicken and salad and then chocolate and and sponge roll and yummy stuff!!!!!

Now they have all headed home and my family are here with me!

And to top it off I got 2 acceptances with a magazine and another invite to do something for a mag so wow what a day!!!

Thank you for all the Face book birthday wishes too!! xxoo


sandra said...

Happy Birthday Meredith!!
and welcome to the 40's!
Lovely to see that you had a great birthday and also yay at the pickups and the invite.. can't wait to see what you are going to come up with there!

Cassandra said...

Well deserved Meredith glad you had a very memorable day by the sounds

jodyg said...

Happy Birthday Meredith.

SueP said...

Hope you had a great day...and hope you surprise was too much for you!! wished i could have stayed longer!! catchya soon :)

Anonymous said...

Sorry Im a bit late, but happy birthday Meredith. WOW the big 40, and you dont look a day over 21!!!!
Sounds like you had a fabulous day and those pics of food, YUMMM, its making me hungry. :)
Karen D