Friday, October 23, 2009

Well ...

the car is pack (well, of scrapping gear!!) and I'm ready to go ...

Tomorrow we have our Scrapathon at Karkoo!! 24 hours of scrapping, if you are up for it!!

Amanda, Sue and I are setting up in the morning along with the 5 businesses who will have their wares for sale.

Can't wait to have a bit of time to scrap and relax!!

It has been a hectic few weeks along with being sick and having a sore back.

And within the next week we are opening the Escape2Create 2010 retreat for bookings!! Can't wait to see who is the first cab off the rank!!

Other than that I am still not sure whether Rohan and Hannah have a very mild case of Chicken "pops" as Hannah called them yesterday. All the kids have been immunised but obviously they can still get the "pops". Have been keeping them away from other kids just in case!

John & Michael have been windrowing the canola for the last three days and aside from John having a breakdown today hopefully they will finish tomorrow.

A photo from last year ...

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