Tuesday, December 15, 2009

December 15th ...

- early morning circuit class (0645!!)

- home and a little bit of catching up on my 25 days until Christmas album

- Rohan had a birthday party to attend at the bakery for Tom so we headed into town at 1200

- the other kids & I had lunch while the party was on
- delivered some lunch to John on his way out of the silos from a delivery ... hopefully not too many more days of harvest to go
- 35 degrees C today

- headed home after a bit of shopping

- John and I are off out for a Christmas dinner tonight so some tidying up was in order before our baby sitters arrive

- now need to get ready!
Hannah enjoying some of Jack's chocolate eclair ...

The bottom of Hannah's new skirt that I made on Sunday ... the cream and pink flower fabric is in Rosalie Quinlan's new range of fabric.

Some more simple gift wrapping from yesterday ...

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Cassandra said...

Two days in a row at bakery Meredith going tommorrow LOL. Love Hannahs dress you've done a good job on it welldone.x