Wednesday, December 23, 2009

December 23rd ...

- worked this morning

- very hot today

- after work we headed off to Orroroo but as we looked across the Tumby hills we saw a very worrying sight ... smoke near Port Lincoln ... after a few phone calls we discovered that there was a serious bush fire right at Port Lincoln ... sadly people lost their homes.

- we were very cautious as we drove, hoping we didn't come across any other fires, it was very warm and very windy

- we arrived at Orroroo at about 5.30 and settled into our accommodation ... Nuccaleena Cottage ... a great spot to stay ... highly recommend it!

- then we headed over to my sister and brotherinlaw's place for a few drinks and a BBQ tea

- yummy stuff from Henry's Drive.

- got to meet my new nephew Will ... so cute and always smiling!

- it was great to see our kids playing with their cousins who they don't get to see very often, after the inital shyness!!

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