Wednesday, December 16, 2009

December 16th ...

- worked from 0800 to 1430!

- hot day ... 42 degrees I think

- home and general home things done!!

- off to the hotel for tea again ... this time for the family Harvest Cutout!!

Not other cooperative children for photos!!

- now home and really tired ... ready for bed!
Last night when we were out I had the mobile phone ring ... it was our niece ... "Hannah's done a poo in her knickers" ... "what do I do?". She managed very well with a little help from Lachlan!!
Hannah finally came up with something that she would like for Christmas ... a Barbie doll!! She jumped up and down on the spot saying "yay" when I said that that would probably be possible!!

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Christine said...

Gorgeous pics, your kiddies have the most beautiful eyes and you always manage to capture them so beautifully