Saturday, December 26, 2009

December 26th ...

- home again home again jiggety jig!!!
- we left Orroroo at about 10am after saying goodbye to everyone
- stopped at Big W in Pt Augusta to buy a few discounted Christmas items, Whyalla for lunch at McDonalds and Cowell for an icecream to be home by about 4.30 or 5pm
- quiet evening at home!

Now I have been very remiss ... I forgot to write about my present from John!

Each year he generally puts on the very serious story about not getting me anything and if I want to buy something then go ahead. Most years he does actually suprise me with a gift!

But this year I trully thought that he hadn't bought me anything. Even when I saw an amount of money on the freshly paid off credit card I thought ... hhhmm wonder what that is? ... but I didn't look ... I asked a day later ... quick as a flash he said very smuggly that he had bought some wine ... very believable as he has done that a bit lately!!!

So then on Christmas day I heard him whisper top Lachlan and then he came back in with a bag that had this in it ...

a leather Pandora band and beads!

He had been in cahoots with a very good but sneaky friend of mine and arranged my gift!!!

I love it!

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amanda hall said...

a good, sneaky NERVOUS friend!

Glad you had a nice time with family :)