Friday, February 18, 2011

in the last week ...

Our darling Lachlan celebrated his 8th birthday ...

we had been away and arrived home on his birthday so my wonderful friend Jeannie had him for a 2 night  sleepover, made a custom made ice cream cake, dished out our presents and had us for dinner when we got home!!

The house is on the home straight ... this week the verandas are looking like verandas ... pity we didn't have the gutters on for the 80mm of rain (so far) that we have had today but I am sure there will be plenty of time for the gutters to run water and the tanks are probably full anyway!!

Once the builders have finished a big tidy up is needed and then to start thinking about what to do with the garden!

I finally used this beautiful cup & saucer that Amanda gave me for Christmas!

Isn't it beautiful!!

Also ... with no photos ...

  • Hannah has returned to Kindy and loving it so much
  • the boys have been as busy as ever ... playing cricket, playing handball in our soon to be bedroom (because it's empty and hasn't been painted yet it is a perfect room to do it in!!)
  • more Escape2Create retreat planning happening
  • as I mentioned before 80mm of rain so far today ... water every where!!
  • have Tommy Rough Laksa for tea tonight ... yum!!
  • 2 days of work - got very wet today getting in and out of the car!!
  • 3 sessions at gym ... oh boy I need it and have found the long break means it is hard to maintain the momentum!!
  • enjoying the new kitchen ... still moving stuff into it and finding a place for everything
  • cleaned out the disgusting pantry yesterday ... eeeewwww what a mess ... but now it is nice & neat!!
  • hope to get into the scrap room soon and achieve something!!

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