Saturday, February 26, 2011

my new phone ...

so I recently got a new phone and decided on the iPhone

... one thing I especially like is the camera, not that the quality is in any way as good as my camera but that I have a camera with me where ever I go!

So here are some photos I have taken ...

You can be out & about and take a photo of gates that you might like at your house ;-) This was at the Robin Hood Hotel at Norwood.

Or light shopping at Decor Lighting on the Parade

Or having a lovely bottle of bubbles at a friend's house

Or capturing the sunset at Cockaleechie tonight!!

Yes it is a great feature of this phone!! Now I have seen peoples' photos in the Hipstamatic App and I am interested in getting that but first I need to download my iPod songs on to the iPhone (even maybe the Christmas ones ;-))

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