Sunday, February 6, 2011

this last week ...

Sunday was spent at Farm Beach ... a truly wonderful place

Funny story behind this photo ... I was clicking away and the kids were laughing a lot ... nothing unusual ... but then it came to light that John was flashing his butt ... that is why they are laughing SO much!! I could post a series of photos but I wont ;-)

I just love the facial expressions ... truly genuine and beautiful! Thank John for the butt flash!!

Tuesday was back to school day ...actually this was Wednesday when Hannah had her first day at Kindy ... I love that Rohan is holding Hannah's hand!!

Thursday Hannah had her first swimming lesson for the year and absolutely loved it ... with a group of gorgeous girls!!

Today I finally cut up my fabrics and traced out the stitchery for Vignette by Leanne Beasley ... can't wait to start stitching this!!

Yesterday when we went to PL Rohan chose a Buzz / Woody costume at Kmart and has had a lot of fun with it since ( and so has Hannah!!) ... so here is Woody and the fairy!! Very cute!!

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