Tuesday, March 1, 2011

dinner tonight ...

So tonight we tried

... Salmon & Lentils with avocado & chermoula salad!

Recipe from MasterChef Issue 10, p. 78

Verdict ...

1. we used our home grown red lentils ;-) but we both decided that they were okay but not fantastic!

2. The flavour was yummy

3. next time we would ... par boil potato, slice it and place on a baking tray lined with baking paper, top with salmon and chermoula and baked in the oven or grill it (as the recipe said to do - we BBQ tonight)

4. we served it with a simple salad of cos lettuce, cherry tomatoes and Lebanese cucumber which was lovely

So we might try it again with a few changes!

I love the MasterChef magazine ... there were about 4 different salmon recipes that we could have tried!!

My plan now that we have our new kitchen ... use recipes from all the cooking magazines I buy and try lots of new things, find some favourites and add them to my recipe file!!

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