Thursday, August 25, 2011

Dinner tonight ...

So I received the latest Delicious magazine yesterday (September 2011) and have had an initial look through and started to tag recipes that I'd like to try!

Tonight it was ... Vietnamese Chicken with Pickled Cabbage Salad, p.102

(hard to take quick photos of food ;-) ... not that attractive)

I halved the chicken sauce part of the recipe but used 6 chicken thigh fillets.

I halved the salad part of the recipe.

Lots of my friends don't like chicken thigh fillets ... something about the brown meat I think. I find it really tender and moist in comparison to breast fillets that can dry out easily.

The recipe had the sweet, sour and hot that the chefs on Masterchef referred to in Asian foods. 

This recipe ... 

The salad: good sour, maybe a little too sweet and maybe not quite hot enough. But those things can be adjusted for the next time I make it!

The chicken: not hot at all but that is okay if the salad had a bit more heat, lovely soft sweet flavours and no there were no sour flavours.

The salad really complimented the chicken and the meal was fresh and felt healthy while we ate it. So by reducing the sugar in the sauce and the salad it would be more healthy!

The chicken had a caramel sauce ... my first attempt to make the caramel was a failure ... I burnt it ... but the second attempt ... I don't think I cooked it long enough so it wasn't brown enough for the effect it was meant to have ... better luck next time! So if you try this recipe watch the caramel carefully!

So end result: I would try it again!

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miasmummy said...

Meredith, I am SO with you on the chicken thigh fillets, much yummier than the boob bit! lol!!