Friday, August 5, 2011

Looking forward to ...

to the first meeting of Cummins Book Lovers
 on Monday night (8th August 2011)
 at our wonderful new library!

I have loved reading for so very long!

I had a governess when I was younger (primary school years) who read novels to us.I recall  The Hobit and The Secret Garden .

I can remember reading under the covers of my bed with a torch when I was young!

I remember borrowing books from the Woomera Library

 ... something Mum encourage (she loves books too :-)

Over more recent years I have had a year on and a year off of reading lots ... probably something to do with having our children fairly close together!

But in the last couple of years I have made an effort to read. 

I absolutely love going into book shops. If I go to Adelaide I always go into several bookshops even if clothes shopping is a priority!!

I love to pick up a book and read the first page and the back blurb to see if it is something I would like to read. 

I love the feel of a new book. 

Now that I don't buy as many books I always choose the "New Books" at our local library because the still have the new book feel!

So when Amanda, Jeannie, Mel & I met tonight to plan the first meeting of "Cummins Book Lovers" it was a flurry of conversation about books ... it was invigorating and exciting and I can't wait for Monday night ... bring it on I say!!

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