Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Hannah at the moment ...

Hannah at 2 1/2 ...
  • loves to decide what she is wearing ... doesn't really like wearing jeans, prefers dresses, skirts and shorts.
  • loves pink ... her cup, cutlery, clothes, lollies etc!!
  • when she puts on a new outfit or one that she thinks is "pretty" (her words!!) she walks out to show the boys ... "modeling" as she goes ... a little pose here, a little pose there!! Looks hilarious!
  • if the boys put on a footy guernsey she wants one on too!!
  • she likes to wear her "sneakens" (aka sneakers) even if it isn't apporopriate (according to her mother!!) with any outfit ... I hide them sometimes when I would prefer her to wear other footwear!!
  • is a fussy eater at dinner time.
  • plays really well with Rohan
  • likes to wear clips in her hair, if she finds a headband at someone else's house she will put it on, likes necklaces and bracelets too.
  • likes to draw
  • looks very intensely at reading materials as if she can read!! Saw her doing it with a brochure at the bakery the other day ... looked so funny. She has loved to "read" things from a young age (from about 6 or 8 months!!).
  • always wants to wear "knick knicks" (aka knickers) over her nappy


maryanne r said...

can just picture the modeling of the outfit, for the boys, and if theyre typical males just couldnt really care.so cute...

:) Tiff said...

lol with her knick knacks. she is one adorable little poppet.