Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Hi ho everybody ...

Well I had a lovely trip to Adelaide on the weekend ... shopping until I nearly dropped!! I mainly needed clothes for myself and Hannah, the boys got a few bits and of course the mandatory present which is requested if John or I go to Adelaide!!

The boys had requested ... football paraphanalia!!

Jack ... a Geelong guernsey ... very expensive and luckily I didn't find one in his size!! So a cap and a few football cards and a football book were the substitute!!

Lachlan ... Western Bulldogs shorts and socks ... again no luck so the same as Jack.

Rohan ... no specific request so he got a Hawthorn Hawks cap and a packet of footy cards and a footy book!!!

The caps are quite nice, bought them at the AFL shop in the city. Not loud colours either.

Hannah was very happy with her Fairies book!! So far she likes the clothes I have shown her ... she is a little particular but so far I have talked her into each item so far!!

Enjoyed a yummy meal out with friends at Chianti Classico on Hutt Street in the city, with a very entertaining waiter ... I was trying not to laugh when he was describing the dishes!!

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maryanne r said...

hi meredith
the shopping sounds SOO much fun!!going to visit my sister in sydney in june and hanging to do some shopping at some REAL shops[linc so limited hey?].Im much like you, end up buying heaps of stuff for the kids.your household sounds a bit like ours, in that the boys all have their fave footy teams and theyre all different.They all have a gurnsey or 2 and they certainly arent cheap.