Saturday, April 18, 2009

Today ...

was Jack and Lachlan's first game of football together!!

Jack was very excited ... I had to get up at 8am as there was so much noise and when I got to the kitchen Jack was ready ... all dressed in his guernsey, shorts and socks!!

Lachlan just wore normal clothes to footy but once he was allocated a guernsey he was excited!!

Lachlan sat on the bench for the first half and then at half time I said "run over to see Mr S. ". At first he ran slowly but as he got closer he was at quite a speed!!

Neither he or Jack got a touch but they were very excited as their team won by three points!!

We all waited at the shed door for the 'B' graders to run out and then they walked in and sang the team song!!

Jack and Lachlan wore their footy clothes for the rest of the day and just went to bed in them ;-)


SueP said...

Good photos of the boys in their footy gear!! Even though they didn't get a touch, Jack musta run around a bit, he's got rosy cheeks!!

:) Tiff said...

awww. esp the one of the boys and hanna on the bench. and you got one of the boys together on the field. fabo.

maryanne r said...

hi meredith
isnt minis just the cutest!was so funny watching some of the little ones saturday, especially the first gamers!
the picture of hannah sitting up next to the boys is so cute. Having 3 big brothers,she will likely be more into footy than netball.LOL