Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Rohan at the moment ...

Rohan is 4 ...
  • he is a very fussy eater. At tea time he always wants fish (King George whiting) ... he would say he wanted it every night if we asked him!! He might eat a hamburger or a sausage or a roll up with grated cheese but really that is about it. Very frustrating.
  • for breakfast he likes toast or crumpets but sometimes doesn't eat them.For lunch he always attempts a sandwich!
  • loves to drink juice or pink milk (strawberry quick)
  • he is very determined once he makes his mind up about something
  • he loves Lego
  • he is very sensitive, becomes upset at the littlest things
  • he is very caring
  • he can often be heard singing, little songs that he makes up
  • he is a story teller, not so much at home but with his uncles and auntie and cousins ... some very amazing tales we get relayed to us!!
  • has long eye lashes
  • always needs a belt on his pants!!
  • he has a very good memory for things we have done or places we have been
  • he is my baby boy
  • can be a bit particular about what clothes he wears

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