Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Lachlan at the moment ...

Lachlan at 6 ...

  • he loves Lego, happy to play for ages with it making creations. Gets extremely upset if anyone touches the creations or wrecks them.
  • he enjoys the PlayStation
  • he isn't a big meat eater, use to love fish, chicken etc but not as keen now
  • his favourite meal at the moment is roll ups ... tortillas with yoghurt, cheese, lettuce, cucumber.
  • he can be a bit particular about his clothes but not as much as when he was younger
  • he follows Western Bulldogs in the AFL, has done for over a year now.
  • he loves sport ... cricket, football especially
  • he is very sensitive, just last night went to bed very early upset because John had promised to get him a packet of footy cards and forgot ... Lachlan was devastated!!
  • he takes a while to get over something upsetting
  • he is very affectionate
  • he is very cheeky
  • he has curly hair, especially if it is a bit long

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