Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Jack at the moment ...

Jack is 7 1/2 ...
  • he loves sport ... especially football and cricket. He can be found playing it, talking about it, watching it on TV at any time of the day!! He will watch any games of it on TV even on Austar when it is from the 1980's!!
  • he is a good reader
  • he is quite tall for his age
  • he is not fussy about what he wears at all and never has been
  • his favourite meal is schnitzel, except he prefers the butcher shop ones to our home made one
  • he will eat peas at a push, carrot, prefers fruit (grapes, waternmelon, apples, strawberries)and salad (lettuce, cucumber, raw carrot) though
  • loves playing games on the internet ... Mathletics and Stick Cricket are the favourites at the moment
  • he is a lot like John in his personality ... a bit antagonistic
  • lots of people tell me he looks a lot like John too
  • he has an interesting teeth arrangement at the moment
  • he has quite olive skin
  • he can spit it with the best of them but doesn't do it to the same extent as his brothers!!
  • wants to play cricket in the next season for the Cummins Scorpions
  • he will be playing his second season of minis this year in Ramblers

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maryanne r said...

hi meredith
just wanted to say big congrats on the latest SC mag. My gosh between you and tiff, its almost a local scrap mag!!very exciting!well done, they are gorgeous .