Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Mojo might be making a stitching comeback ...

Wow ... we had such a great weekend away!!

I arrived in Adelaide on Friday late afternoon, dropped my bags off, waited 35 minutes for a taxi and headed into the city for a little bit of shopping and then met up with the girls ... Midge, Jeannie & Ingrid. They did a bit more damage on their credit cards and then we went to Lemongrass, a Thai restaurant on Rundle Street for some yummy tea.

Then we decided to hit a wine bar, I think it was called "Distille". Entertaining to say the least ... mainly for the people watching and shoe checking out ... all the girls had very high stilettos on!! It was like it was a competition amongst each group to have the highest ones!! Then we were a bit offended by the lady who commented "Your not from Adelaide are you". How rude ... just cause we went to a wine bar with lots of shopping bags ;-)

Then we headed back to our unit for a coffee and hit the sack.

Saturday morning we were up and ready for the Inspired Stitches to start. A big line up and then we arrived in the light and bright room were we would spend two days stitching and laughing and meeting lots of new people.

Our teachers ... Rosie, Melly, Leanne & Janelle

The kits were bought and then the decisions started ... what were we going to start on ... Janelle solved our problem as she came to our table first and offered to show us Needle Turn applique. Janelle is such a gentle, kind, patient and encouraging person !! We all managed to finish our piece before lunch.

Our table with our finished needle turn.
Eventually it will be made up to this ... a notebook cover and glasses case ...

After lunch we started on a bit of stitchery ... projects by Melly and Rosie.

Rosie's projects.

Melly's projects.

I didn't start on Leanne's projects but here is what they were ... gorgeous stitched doilies ...

At the end of Saturday's session we head back to our unit and eventually decided to get a taxi somewhere for a cold beverage!! The helpful driver, who Midge thought looked like Imran Khan!!, took us to the Holdfast Hotel at Glenelg. It had had a major renovation since the last time I had been there and looks great!
Then another taxi back to our venue at Westminster College for dinner in the Boarder's Dining room. Very enjoyable and we got to have a great chat with Rosie, Leanne and Melly.
Once dinner was wrapped up we thought we would head back to the Holdfast for a drink. Lots of laughs, story telling and fun was had!!

Sunday morning saw us needing a bit of the following ...

Sunday's session saw some stitching, many many laughs and a bit of purchasing from the shop. I bought two lots of fabric to make quilts for Hannah ... no pattern as yet but a few ideas!!

The lovely lady at the front on the left very kindly took Midge and me to Camelot Studio, a scrap shop treasure trove on the way to the airport. Quite funny as she thought it was open until 5pm but we got there at 4.30pm and the man was shutting up. By the time we got to the front door he had disappeared - imagine 3 desperate shoppers peering through the glass and knocking to get some attention!! Then Jenny suggested we knock at the back door ... which she did and Mrs Camelot came out and let us look around the whole shop for about 3/4 hour ... so kind of them!! We all managed to spend a few dollars ;-).
Then off to the airport to meet up with the other girls and have a cold drink and hot chips!!

All round a fantastic weekend with amazing friends!!
There are a few other photos but I have promised that I wont show some of them on the WWW!!!


Jeannie May said...

Love the photos and comments, and so pleased with your high level of restraint in not showing all of your photos! It was a fantastic weekend and the company was indeed splendiforous!!!!

Chookyblue...... said...

sounds like an actioned packed wonderful weekend........

amanda hall said...

what a fantastic weekend!

great rundown on it all......i bet you girls had a ball.

Beautiful projects too!

Please dont put scrapping too much on the back burner!

sandra said...

Great to see that you had a wonderful weekend Meredith.
I have spoken to another lady who went to the retreat as well and she said it was wonderful.
I agree with Amanda... I hope you spare a bit of time for scrapping amongst all that needlework.

Leanne Stamatellos said...

meresith, you are one creative girl - what else are you talented at?