Friday, April 9, 2010

Don't you just love ...

  1. the sound of rain on the corrugated iron roof?

  2. the smell of fresh rain?

  3. going to your neighbour's house for dinner? (I am so very lucky because our neighbour is John's brother & his family and we just had wood oven fired pizzas ... omg they were delicious!!!)

  4. the end of the week? I thought yesterday was Saturday because I usually work on Fridays but I worked Thursday this week and it felt good except I woke up at 5.30am and got up at 6.00am!!

  5. having a fabulous family ... I am a realist and know that my children are terrible at times (probably more often than not in truth!) but omg I am so lucky!!!

  6. I have the best husband that I am aware of ... he is amazing!!

  7. I love living on a farm ... the peace and quiet, the fresh air (except when I got home today and my darling husband was spraying the weeds just outside the yard!)

  8. the feel of a Lindt Lindor chocolate as you bite into it ... delish!!!!

I think we need a photo ...

to come later!!

... days like this ... great friends, a wine or two, children just having fun and good weather, apart from a few drops of rain


1 comment:

amanda hall said...

hmmmmm the boat monitor appears to be missing from this photo.... or should i say 'little bear'??

LOL a great day!