Sunday, April 18, 2010

Yesterday and today ...


... was the start of the football and netball season for us and so Jack & Lachlan played football

... the boys did the scoreboard for the first time and earnt a little bit of money!!

... Hannah had lots of fun with her friend Joe and then they saw their other friend Mia a little later on!

... we went to the club rooms after the game and had a good night with a Players Auction ... a group of girls and I bought a group ... fingers crossed we bought the right group and we win some money!!

Today ...

... we went out in the boat fishing

... I caught this funny looking fish ... we think it is called a Barracuda!! It was really hard to fillet so we didn't ;-)

I think he photographed quiet well though!!

... Rohan and me

... a few photos of the kids when we got home

... this one of Jack was on the boat

John had a little help scaling the 52 fish we caught!! Tommies and salmon trout ... just had some for tea and they were yummo!!

... now I reckon it's time for an early night

... tomorrow is a pupil free day and then back to school Tuesday!

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Fran Tynan said...

LOL - Amanda put a note on my blog once about us having parallel lives - and I think you SA girls and I do!LOL. We started our footy/hockey season yesterday too - the kids ran around all day with their friends and we had our players auction too!
(and as hubby plays he swore that if he went for less than $50 he was buying himself!LOL - lucky their group went for much more;) )