Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter wrap up ...

Well we returned home today from 5 nights at Coffin Bay.

We rented a shack this time ... this is where we stayed . It was just great, had everything we needed!

Good Friday we enjoyed some of this ...

along with some local crayfish, oysters, whiting, calamari, prawns and smoked snapper with some good friends.

We were then joined by some other friends later for a few more drinks and then I was a bit tired!!

Easter Saturday we didn't go out in the boat as the weather wasn't so good and Hannah was unwell.

Jack & I ventured out to Almonta Beach with friends to look for cockles ... the Cockle King was successful but Jack and I only got 2!!

Jack had a go at beach fishing but no luck!

Easter Sunday we ventured out in the boat for a great day - caught some Tommies, spent some time on Longnose Beach and checked out a few other spots.

Before we left I thought I'd take a photo of the kids ... 35 photos later I realised I wasn't going to succeed in getting a good one!!

John spends a lot of time sorting these out when we go in the boat ... he is very patient and even thought he says he wont do it again he does!!

Fishing off the back of the boat at Longnose ...

Saturday night tea with friends and a not too late night which was good!! Only had to walk up the street to get home so that was even better although John had to carry 2 children!!

Easter Sunday and the end of daylight saving saw a very early get up time of 6.50am!!

Lots of eggs from Easter Bunny as well as Lego for the boys and a Tinkerbell singlet and knickers for Hannah (which she proceeded to wear for two days in a row, couldn't understand why I had put it in the washing bag this morning!!).

After we got organised we headed out in our boat with some friends in their boat for a terrific day ...
we headed across the water to look at a cave in the edge of the cliff face, in the Coffin Bay National Park, we had to swim into it and then with torches we could see around inside, lots of people have left their names there over the years.
Lachlan ventured in but the rest stayed in the boat.
Then a spot of fishing before going to a little beach next to Three Monkey Beach (there are three jaggedy rocks just off the water's edge that look like 3 monkeys!!).
We pulled our boats onto the shore and set up a picnic of nibbles, a few light beers and some lovely sauvignon blanc!!
The boat monitor ...

What happens when you wear your goggles for too long ...

On the way back to Coffin Bay we did a bit more fishing, no luck from our boat and a little luck from the other boat!!
A wonderful day all round!
An early night before we packed up this morning to head home.
Now to tackle the huge pile of washing and sorting out of stuff!! Lucky it is school holidays for the next week and a half!

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maryanne r said...

that last photo of hannah is sooo cute!
glad you had a happy easter, you
e2c girls would have been due some rest and relaxation time.