Monday, April 12, 2010

Oh dear it's that time of the year again ...

the cricket bats and balls have been put away and out come

... the footy boots
... the footy shorts

... the foot guernseys

... the footballs
Jack got a nbew pair of footy boots on the weekend. All of the previous pairs have been handme downs from cousins and friends so he was pretty excited!!

Jack is feeling a bit confused in this photo ... Saints socks, Port Power Shorts and Crows Guernsey!! At least his boots are Saints colours "like Nick Riewoldt" he said!!

He follows the Saints and his guernsey was in the wash when they decided to have a kick of the footy!

Obviously Lachlan is a Bulldogs follower and Rohan actually follows Hawthorn because his cousin Ruby does and her uncle is an assistant in the coaching department!!!!

Rohan couldn't find his footy socks so put some long ones on and said "Look they come up to my hammy."!!!


Fran Tynan said...

I love that top photo!!! Bring on the footy season :)

Fran xx

Christine said...

Love those photos and that they have to get out all their gear to have a kick! Too sweet!