Monday, April 26, 2010

The long weekend ...

... Quiet night at home Friday night

... up early to get organised to go to Football at Tumby Bay and pack so we could stay over there for a couple of nights

... the day at Football & Netball followed by a big group of us going to one of the hotels for tea

... we enjoyed a bottle of Mitchells Peppertree Shiraz 2007 (happened to have a bottle of the 2006 during the night too but the better one was the 2007) along with a couple of others!!

... late night listening to old records!! Lots of fun ... a very diverse range of music from the Zorba (accompanied by dancing duo!!), 1982 with a bullet, and one about baking chocolate cake!!

... relaxing day on Sunday , a few went to the dawn service

... enjoyed a yummy lasagne and salad dinner with those that were staying over for the weekend

... more record playing, red wine drinking and meeting the neighbours!! South Australia is a very small place!
One of the Music Monitors during the night ...
A few self portraits were attempted without much success!!

I think we were laughing too much!

A great time away with some special friends and lots and lots of laughs

... quite afternoon today at home scrapping, watching footy for the boys and playing for Hannah ... an early night I reckon!


sandra said...

love those smiles ;-)

SueP said...

Sounds like a fun weekend....its sooo great to get those old records out for a blast!!...just makes one wanna dance and sing!