Sunday, November 9, 2008

Christmas is coming

I have signed up for Kim's Christmas classes ... did them last year and we got lots of ideas and I made some of the projects for my family Christmas lunch ... looked great on the table!!

This year I have won a $10 voucher to spend on her site too so what a bonus!!

Last night I went to our staff Christmas show for the local hospital where I work as a casual community nurse. Had a great time!! Even managed a sleep-in this morning!! We went to the Oysterbeds restaurant at Coffin Bay. We had a mini bus for those who wanted to travel down with out driving. When we got to Coffin Bay we had drinks at one of the other nurse's beach house which was lovely, overlooking the bay.
Our meal was delicious too. Entrees of finger food - seafood etc and then the main course was called a smorgasbord but not the traditional one ... we had platters of chicken, lamb and one other meat and vegetables. Yummy. I didn't have any dessert but it was apparently that was yummy too.

The people's home that we had pre-trip and post-trip drinks at have their Christmas tree and decorations up!! Impressive hey!! They put it up on the day of the Adelaide Christmas pageant, which was yesterday!

This year is our first year on having a "fake tree"!! So I don't have to wait for it to be cut down!! I can put it up any time from now on!!

So when does every one put up their tree??
Here is a photo of our real Christmas tree last year!

Jack & Rohan!

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jodyg said...

What sort of things did you make during last years Kim Archer thing? It sound interesting. I'm just having a look at the free workshops she's got listed.
I normally wait until the first of December to put up my decorations. I'm nearly bursting at the seams though, I'm so excited about Christmas.