Sunday, November 2, 2008

The weekend ...

The weekend has flown!

Mum and Dad stayed on Friday night ... had a yummy tea - Atlantic Salmon wrapped in prosciutto, BBQ, with snow peas, some delicious asparagus grown by a local lady who very kindly gave us a big bunch, and baby potatoes. Unfortunately John was called out on an Ambulance job that lasted for about 5 hours so he had to gobble his down quickly.

Mum and Dad headed to Port Lincoln on Saturday to stay the night and go to a wedding.

John and I had a night out, child free ... doesn't happen very often! The kids went to his Mum and Dad's and we went to a local production called ... "As time goes by - songs of war and peace". Fantastic show, put on by local talent and raising funds for our hospital. Had a big night!! We stayed the night in Cummins so neither of us had to drive home and let's just say we took advantage of that fact!! Got to bed at about 5am, joined in on the after party and ended up dancing on a table to some great music!! (Oh I wasn't the only one dancing on the table!!)

Then when I woke up this morning John had gone down the street and bought us both an Iced Coffee and a toasted bacon and egg sandwich ... yum, delicious after a late night!!

Today Mum and Dad came back to stay another night and we had a lamb roast in the Weber for tea and it was yummy too. Mum and Dad head home tomorrow.

Tomorrow ... well I need to get to work on my retreat class project!! I have the materials and the photos now so had better get it happening ready for the sneak peek photos to be done later this week!!

Did a layout yesterday cause we had a short scrap session over at Tiff's. Just need to add the journaling and then I'll post it tomorrow.

No scrap class on Tuesday so I think we will do a road trip to Lock ... Shabby Chic Shack!!

Best be off to bed, although I did have a little extra sleep this morning ... got home with the kids this morning at about 10-ish and Hannah went down for a sleep at 10.30 (very early for her) so I had a couple of extra hours then!!


amanda hall said...

cant wait to see how your retreat bits will turn out - brilliant i know :-)

Whatever you do will be excellent.

Glad you had a nice time with your Mum and Dad. I did think of you last night as we had an early-ish night LOL. So happy you had fun!

:) Tiff said...

great to hear you had your dancing boots on.
I gather the after party was huge.

lots of slow people on Sun. morning.

Lucky you werent home. no power for 12 hours.

Dee Molina said...

love that Lo MT, gorgeous!!!!

maryanne r said...

mmmm......I do think I may have spied you up having a bop, at the end of the show, then I went home so didnt catch the tabletop dancing!!! was an awesome show wasnt it!!