Saturday, November 8, 2008

Finally got a bit of scrapping done!

Scrap night at the Five Loaves Bakery, Cummins last night.

Here are two layouts and there are two others nearly finished!

Journaling reads "Haarsma's, 19th October 2008 You Loved It".

Journaling reads "You were really excited to come home on the bus after your first afternoon at kindy".

High light of the night ... I was asked to taste test an Adults Only Affagato!!
A scoop of ice cream, pour over a shot of coffee, add a nip of Irish Cream (or something similar!!) and sprinkle with crushed meringue!! WOW ... delish!! Eaten with a spoon and then drink the rest!! Coming soon ... next year or so!!

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:) Tiff said...

love love love the one of Rohan. Looks so eyecatching with the corrogated cardboard and the numbers.