Saturday, November 29, 2008

Christmas is coming ...

So this morning I decided it was time to start decorating ... so after the floor had been vacuumed and mopped I dragged the brand new Christmas tree out of storage!

Short story ... last year I finally convinced John that we should get a fake tree. We had a little bit of money put aside so in early December we went to Adelaide and I went to one of the major department stores and made the purchase. Got home and waited and waited. Was assured in the store that yes it could be delivered quickly. Waited and then rang and then got upset!! We left to go to Clare for Christmas and I think the tree arrived 2 days before ... we already had a real tree by then but just to make a point I put the fake tree up in the play / scrap / sewing room and threw a few decorations on it!! I think in the long run I got free delivery!! Whoo hoo!! So this year is its first proper outing and we are home for Christmas.

So now for a few photos ...
Each Christmas I try to make a few decorations so I now have quite a little collection. Over the last few years a few friend and I have exchanged handmade decorations too and they are really special. Lovely to hang each one on the tree. I even have a couple of decorations that a friend's Mum made (hi Sarah) that get hung each year ... they would be at least 25 years old by now I think.
These little babushka Santa's come from Hungary ... we bought them when we were there in 2000.
I know that of last Christmas Ho Ho Ho was not politically correct but I love how this looks on the dresser!!
These angels ... I have made over the years ... three of them are Wendy Brigg's designs and the other one I can't remember.
This is an Advent calender and in the little bags either side are felt backed decorations that get hung from buttons on the little tree on the design.
This was a Chook Shed pattern from quite a few years ago.

This table runner is from a Nancy Halvorsen Christmas pattern book.

This star is a design that I adapted from a drawing by Wendy Brigg's newsletter (with her permission) many years ago and made into a few stars.

A few years ago I made these felt stars that are a Janelle Wind design.

Last Christmas I made 15 of these tags!! I salvaged the tags as I thought they would look okay hanging on our tree. They were from Kim Archer's Christmas class last year. Potato stamped!!

This felt pudding was a design by Leanne Pearce, a Western Australian scrapper who sent me a little parcel last year with the pattern and some embellishments. I gave a few away to my sisters and friends and only have one made up so far for our tree ... better pull out the rest and finish them off I suppose!!

This angel is in cross stitch and I think it was in a Better Homes and Gardens Christmas magazine years ago ... did the cross stitch and then took a few years before I made it up!

This is a German paper star ... I saw one on Two Peas and did a google and found some instructions ... a bit fiddly and halfway through I made up the finishing off instructions!! They are tiny but quite cute. Might make a couple more.

And finally the tree ...

Still need to put the lights on and maybe a bit more tinsel. The dresser in the back ground is generally covered in junk and my beautiful Crabtree and Evelyn china but I try to clear it off each Christmas to display my bits and pieces.
So if any more gets added I will post some more pictures.


:) Tiff said...

wow. u do go all out. love all the hand made tree ornaments and the hungarian santas.
all looks so tidy. well done.
our tree went up today.
will post my pics tomorrow.
;) scrapping tonight.

Chiara said...

I really should start making some decorations myself!

Anonymous said...

Lovely lovely lovely, I envy your enthusiasm and arty crafty side. My tree decorations are very cheap from when we were first married - just as well as our kids keep trashing the tree. Gradually they are going in the bin - now I'll have to get industrious and make my own, then threaten the kids with certain mayhem if they dare touch, harm or detach from the tree!! Tracey