Sunday, November 16, 2008

Feeding lambs and a layout

Another lamb feeding session this week.

The three boys each held a bottle and I did the 4th one. One of the lambs was a bit slow and the other two lost interest so I thought Hannah might like a turn ... she looks pretty pleased with her self, hey!!

Love this photo of Rohan, in the following layout.

Journaling reads
"I was about to think of some journaling for this page when I looked at the photo and saw Hannah’s foot in the bottom right hand corner … Hannah was wearing her new dress that I bought at Lil’ Red Zebra in Tumby Bay and I thought I would take some photos before we went to lunch in Cummins, when you came along and thought you would like to be in a few too!! You both ended up wrestling on the “big bed” and nearly falling off … rat bags!!"

John took the children in to town at about 12 and still isn't home (2.30 now) ... an Ambulance job came up so not sure where the kids are!

I have managed to get the floors vacuumed and washed, had lunch, read the paper and finished the above layout.

Now to attempt a challenge ... create a layout inspired by this wine bottle label!! Should be interesting!! The wine is from McLaren Vale, here in South Australia and it was very nice!!

If you feel inspired by it too leave a comment and I can get in touch with you and your layout could be posted here!!

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SueP said...

Great pics of the kids feeding the lambs, and love the LO too!!!

Will have to have a think about the label challenge!