Sunday, November 23, 2008

Great day ...

Just ended a great day scrapping with friends ... Amanda , Tiff and Sue. Not really sure I got many layouts done but we had a great day with a good old chat, a few lovely white wines, yummy tacos for tea and a small amount of retreat planning.

Had a comment left about where I buy my Scrapbook Trends magazines from. I have bought them from a supplier on eBay. Sue (as above) has bought them from the Australian distributor, Addicted to Craft . With the Aussie dollar at the moment not sure where would be the best to buy from, you probably need to check out the prices a bit. Also another friend subscribed to the magazine through their website ... I signed up for their emails and they send special offers regularly. I might subscribe in the future when the Aussie dollar goes up a bit ;-)

Anyway ... might post a layout or two tomorrow.

Other news ... went to Port Lincoln yesterday with Jack ... he needed to see the dentist and I had a long overdue haircut! Also chose 2 of my Christmas presents!! Jack said it was okay as long as I paid for them ;-)

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:) Tiff said...

It was a great day. Time went too fast (again). We havent sat down for a good session for ages.
Am so glad Sue suggested yesterday would be a good day. Kids had a ball, no real dramas, scrumy tea, and the odd cold glass of wine with my good mates.

ahhh bliss.