Friday, November 28, 2008

The rest of the week ...

Well today ... I worked this morning, then had a bite to eat at the bakery with Ingrid, picked the kids up from Child care and came home and had a sleep, should have been for 2 hours but after an hour I nearly got up cause I was still awake ... doesn't that make you cross!!).

I have been a little bit sick with a cough, particularly at night so I didn't sleep well last night.

Thursday ... exercise class and then lunch and stitching at Jeannies's with Ingrid, Midge and Jodi, except I took my stitching but forgot my thread - a very important part of stitching !!!

Wednesday ... work

Tuesday ... exercise class and a drive over to Tumby Bay to meet up with Ann, Ingrid and Midge for lunch and a little shop. Val was shopping too and joined us for lunch which was lovely.

Monday ... can't remember!!

Tonight we have our Stitching group Christmas dinner at the Five Loaves Bakery. I haven't been to this dinner for a few years and as it has rained John is about so thought I should go this year. We have a gift exchange of $10 value. I have some fabric which I'm going to put into a little origami type box as the wrapping so I had better go and do that now!!

No scrapping this week. Have a project on the go but haven't actually got to any more of it since the weekend! Hopefully this weekend ... although I need a few more photos.

Oh and this weekend I hope to get the Christmas tree up ... with a little help from the four little helpers!! Our first year with a fake tree!!

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:) Tiff said...

lol at leaving your thread home. putting up our tree tomorrow too.
hope u put a pic of the oragami box on the e2c blog for that challenge.