Saturday, October 11, 2008

The annual Cummins Show

Well today was the Cummins Show.

Lachlan had a sleep over at Granny & Pop's last night and Wendy did a great job of getting some entries organised for Lachlan to enter. And he was successful!!

He won first prize for his honey crackles, third prize for a plate of flowers and second prize for a vase of bottle brush!! He was thrilled!!

I was a steward for the Needlework section, with my friend Ingrid and we enjoyed that!! Ingrid won some prizes for her quilts. So did Aunty Jan!!

The scrapping section was huge and Tiff did really well winning most points in the section and an outstanding entry award!! It was great to see so many entries!! The off the page section was smallish so maybe a few more entries next year!!

Having a quiet night at home tonight as school goes back on Monday.

I will leave with a few recent photos!!

Rohan in the shearing shed.
Lachlan at Coffin Bay
Jack at Coffin Bay
A cool guy (aka Rohan) at Coffin Bay!!


sandra said...

great photos Meredith.
Love going to the show and seeing everyones creations... whether it be scrapbooking, needlework, photography etc...
missed seeing your work there though Meredith...

sandra said...

ps congrats Lachlan on your prizes!

:) Tiff said...

Hiya M. I grabbed some great pics of Jack today with him unawares. Used the big bertha lens so I could get in close.
I know he can be hard to get without one of 'those' faces so thought you'd apprectiate some.
will burn on to cd. may give u a ring tomorrow to bring it round.
thanks for the lovely comments. Kate M won most points and well deserved too. Her scrapping is just so lovely. She did really well at the 'Flat' too.
nite nite

SueP said...

Lovely photos, such gorgeous kids!! Tell Lachlan "Congrats on his show prizes!!"