Thursday, October 2, 2008

Happy birthday to me ... !!!


Well today we returned from our holiday (3 nights) at the beautiful Coffin Bay. Stayed at the best location in Coffin Bay in my opinion!!

Mum and Dad were totally surprised about all of us being there so that was great!

Unfortunately I had to work on Wednesday and Thursday morning, and tomorrow morning.

Jack & Lachlan made friends with the 2 girls next door at the shack and had lots of fun.

Look at those cheeky faces!!

Went out for tea tonight at the Cummins Hotel and had a yummy meal - hadn't been there for so long and it was really good.

Mum & Dad head home tomorrow and my sisters went home today. The kids loved seeing their cousins.

I'll try to post some more photos in the next few days.

Tomorrow is our 10th wedding anniversery ... not sure what we are doing yet - John had an idea and mine was a little different!! LOL!! Will have to see who is available to have the 4 children I suppose!!


Dee Molina said...

Happy Birthday Meredith - have a fabulous day

amanda hall said...

So glad you had a great day!

That photo of CB is STUNNING! Love the suns rays - just beautiful

LOL at your boys and that photo. They love being around girls and i think that is fantastic. They are so not into that 'girls stink' bizzo.

Happy Anniversary too.....hope you do something nice.....maybe involving a few elephants?