Thursday, October 9, 2008

Today ... shearing

The boys always love shearing. Even better if it is done in the school holidays like today.

For some reason I always get a bit tetchy preparing food for shearers!! One time I got over to the shearing shed and there was no plates or crockery to eat with!!

Although today we only have one shearer ... Ben.

In fact each time I do the food for shearing, which isn't very often mind you, it actually gets easier to prepare (the food that is!!). Fortunately Ben is a healthy / modern eater so today it was paninis made by our local bakery, Five Loaves, in Cummins - make what you like and toast them!! I had the selection of items laid out on platters - yummy!! Then just fresh fruit. Much easier than having to prepare hot food and get it across to the shearing shed ... I always worry it wont be hot enough!!

When I arrived with the lunch the 3 boys walked out with their "shearer's singlets" on parade!! Then Hannah wanted to get in on the act so I tried to get a photo but getting 4 kids to look at the camera is almost impossible!!

Got a few other photos but might need to spruce them up in Photoshop later!!

Thank you for the suggestions for scanner / printer type combos. Any more would be great!! I generally don't print a lot of photos at home so that is not my reason for getting one. I would like to be able to scan old photos and layouts, easily and with a good quality result.


maryanne r said...

hi merdedith, LOL thats so cute, [the common name for the shearers singlets nowadays are "wifebeaters"]....seriously,. sounds horrible I know, and I did think it was just a teenager thing, but they were even called that in a book I recently read!!!!
I think shearers singlets is a much better name though!! my boys have them in blue, white and black,and I cant believe that they are actually trendy nowadays!!
and what a gorgeous photo.

KiriKate said... the singlets! I think you did quite well to get them all looking at the camera.
I am hoping this works as it is my first cooment on this site. Flick me a message to say it has gone through if you have time.
Dave and I reckon Bailey has many similarities to, facial features and characteristics also. Not a bad thing! Talk later. xox

Angela said...

I just had to come in and say that your kids are THE cutest!!!!