Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A couple of layouts

Journaling reads "You really wanted a fishing rod for your 7th birthday - the only stipulation was that it had to be as big or bigger than Lachlan's!! On its first trip out, on Father's Day, to the Coffin Bay jetty the line got wet but it didn't perform!! Better luck next time Jack!".

Journaling reads "Any chance I get I love to stop by at the Five Loaves Bakery and grab a skinny latte with one or two sweeteners!! Established 2007 ... dine in or take away".

Still wanting a scanner - need some recommendations - looking at a printer / scanner type combo, maybe a fax too. Really want one that can do 12 x 12 inch layouts easily, but not a 12 x 12 inch printer. Please leave a comment with any ideas!!


maryanne r said...

hi meredith, firstly, I so LOVE the LOs, just gorgeous!!!also I have an epson multifunction printer scanner, and very happy with it, it is only an A4, but scanned a 12x12 LO on it yesterday then photomerged in photoshop and it was SO easy.And believe me if I say its easy then it has to be very very basic!!!have also seen tiff use stitch? program and that was so simple too.First time I scanned and merged yesterday, and I have never done it before, thought it sounded too compicated to me, but its not! Im not sure wether you could get a printer that scans A3 without the A3 printer wih it??? Im really happy with my epson,and its 1 of the most basic cheaper ones, but have been thinking about getting one thats more photo oriented for printing photos, although mine prints well its only 4 ink and a bit slower to print.sorry for the essay!!!

Angela said...

Loving your LO's Meredith. Especially love the Birthday LO. As for a multi function centre, i have an Epson Photo RX590 and i love it to bits. It's a scanner, copier and printer (A4) and is really good photo quality. I do everything on it and it is very easy to use.

:) Tiff said...

hiya M.
google canon scanners, printers, mulitfunction centres. Same with any other brands you may be interested in.

I found it really really helpful to know exactly what I wanted before I went to Lincoln. eg type, make, model, etc
Found that Truscotts and Radio Rentals on par for prices. have a look at the rental idea from RR.

Getting seperate ink tanks is a must as well as high resolution that u can find in the type of machine that u want.

Pay to keep in mind that u still wont match Rabbit for quality and the prints from home will sitll fade.

hope this helps.

Angela said...

Hey Meredith, i just came across this video tutorial for stitching so when you get your scanner you can have a play. ;)