Saturday, October 18, 2008

This and that

Friday was Hannah and Rohan's first time at child care. I have been working on Wednesdays and Friday since August and now that harvest will starting soon I thought it would be a good idea to at least have one day where I knew where they could go. Also need to think of their grand parents who look after them a lot and give them a break.

I think overall it went really well. I was really nervous all week as we have never had access to child care here before so none of the kids have been in child care before.

I worried that I would get there and they wouldn't want to stay!! Hannah got excited as we parked the car as it is the same venue as Playgroup and Kindy. Then we walked in and she saw something that she wanted to play with straight away. So I think that helped Rohan feel as if it was okay to stay. I had also been telling him for a day or so that he needed to look after Hannah!

When I went to pick them up they were happy too. Although as we drove out and up the street Rohan said he had had something thrown at him!! He has a little bruise on the corner of his eye. Accidental apparently! I think he will recover to be able to go again next week!!

So all in all it went well.

We went for a drive to Tumby Bay after lunch to a a new children's wear shop ... "lil red zebra". They have a gorgeous logo of a zebra and the shop it beautiful. The clothes are mid range brands, Bonds, Milly, Moppit and Nuggets. They also have some toys and shoes and books for children.

Hannah got a little dress and a dress and leggings and a pair of denim Mary Jane style shoes and Rohan got a t shirt.

Can't wait to go back again soon!!

This morning the boys had a game of Junior Scrabble with John and they they got out the normal Scrabble!! So Jack and I played John and Rohan. I haven't played Scrabble for years!! It was fun. John and I both remember playing it as kids.

(And Jack and I won by 10 points!!)

I am teaching my Transparency mini book class on Melbourne Cup day in Cummins, for the Shabby Chic Shack girls from Lock. Know of a couple of people interested so hopefully it will be a fun day!

These photos were taken by one of the Shabby Chic's, Jo Schell!! Contact the girls if you are interested.

Now hopefully a bit of scrapping will get done today and I will have a layout to post next time!

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Angela said...

I'm glad that child care went well. Sometimes i think these things are more stressful on the parents lol.

I love those mini albums. So cute!!!