Tuesday, October 14, 2008

This little boy ...

My darling little Rohan starts kindy tomorrow ... I think I'm going to miss his little chattering a lot!!
Although he does only go 2 hours on a Wednesday afternoon for this term!!

He is getting really excited. When I asked him what is happening tomorrow he said "I am going to Kindy and School!" Nothing like getting everything sorted quickly!!

Then I asked him what he was going to do when he got to Kindy tomorrow he said "I am going to play with toys with Piper".

Lately he has been really getting into cutting, sticking and making things and loves singing and making up games. He has quite a good little imagination.

Tonight he said to me "Last night when I was in bed there was a fly in my bedroom and it was hungry. And it ate a pretzel.". I said "Where did he get the pretzel from?" and he said "I took some to bed last night!".

I think this little girl will miss him too.

I was trying to do a scrap book page today and thought that I hadn't seen the two of them for a little while. I found them in the bathroom with handy gel squirted out randomly over the floor and Hannah with lipstick and mascara on!! Great technique hey!! Rohan said that he had helped her put it on!! All you can do is laugh, hey!
So tonight in the bath she had her first use of Clinique makeup remover as a flannel and water wouldn't budge it!!

Better get a bit more organised for the morning. I start work at 8am and have 2 kids to get ready for school before I leave.
John is away, staying here ... http://www.prairiehotel.com.au/ for an SA Ambulance Service meeting so thankfully his Mum and Dad are coming out to help me!!


amanda hall said...

Oh Piper is so excited to have Rohan at kindy tomorrow too - she has been talking about it all day (she was a bit disappointed when i told her he wasn't going to be there until after lunch LOL)

oh that photo of Hannah is a classic. LOVE the mascara look - funny that she/they knew the right area that it goes in!

hope tomorrow goes ok for you. Tricky with kids and work. Will be thinking of you!

:) Tiff said...

and then there was one. Miss H will miss Rohan a bunch.
LOL. was it your best lippee. dont they always choose the most expensive. Great to have W & B give a hand to help in the morn.
Will be like organized chaos in your home in the morning.
Like A says, will be thinking of you.

Angela said...

I hope Rohan has a blast at kindy today. And i hope everything goes smoothly while your DH is away.

Ah Clinique hey? My makeup/skincare of choice lol.