Sunday, October 26, 2008

Farm stuff

Well Friday saw the start of wind rowing the canola ...

By the time the kids finished school and I gotten ready to take them all down for a look I was tearing my hair out with harvest fever!! And this isn't even the real harvest time yet!!

Saturday saw a visit to Granny & Pop's for a catch up with the others and then the afternoon at home with a bit of scrapping ... nothing actually finished though!

Today has been tidy up day ... read on if you have nothing better to do (boring!!)

Every year or so I have a huge tidy up of our pantry, everything is taken out, all out of date stuff thrown out and a few other things thrown out that I realise I haven't used since the last clean up!

I didn't take any before photos but it looked like a rubbish tip!

I always feel guilty about the food that has expired since the last clean up and convince my self that it wont get that messy again ... of course it always does.

John always says I buy too much stuff but I always like to have a few options up my sleeve for meals! Although I must confess that I have rather a large number of tins of soup which I am not sure what I was planning on using them for and if we ate all that tinned corn we would owe a few carbon credits from the gas!!

Any way the job is done ... it always takes me ages to get around to doing it then I can't stop looking at how tidy it is afterwards!! Roll eyes ... boring I know but compared to how it was ... WOW now!

At least now I can see how long it stays tidy for!! LOL

The after shots ...

Better go and check on the kids ... Hannah is asleep, Jack is on the tractor with John and I can hear Rohan and Lachlan playing but a bit too close to Hannah's room!! How many times do they need to be told to be quiet when she is asleep? She has lived here for 2 years and has had a sleep everyday in that time!! LOL!!

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Anonymous said...

Howdy Meredith, I have only just discovered your blog today so I just had to go and have a look at everything you've done and I do love your scrapping style. I can relate to your excitement over your pantry - so nice to be able to find something when you're looking for it!!! Cheers, Tracey W